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The Classical Composer and Musicologist
Developer of the Academic University Program
to his Cosmic Educational Program
Astronomy of Mind

Prehistory ...

These days, when I look at young people throughout the world - be it on the streets or in a café, or even at school or university - I am amazed to realize they are not aware that they are cosmic beings.

But even amazement may be too weak a word: it frequently stuns me to see beautiful young people who have no idea whatsoever of their cosmic being, who don’t even assume it or sense it - and who thus give the impression that it would not even be possible for them to have access to it.

They consider the way one lives on earth today completely normal, because their parents never taught them differently, just as their parents in turn didn’t teach them.
Guided by the older generations and by organizations hungry for power and money, they’ve been chasing since puberty after things that animals also chase after, pursuing what they consider to be their happiness: prosperity, reputation, or put more precisely: they jump into the fight for offices, titles, honors and profit, a car, a house and so on.

Yet what is stunning is that, based on their natural capabilities, they are cosmic and do not even realize this: that as human beings they are not meant to lead such a lowly existence.
Of course, animals are cosmic as well, because everything is cosmic, even the atom, but only man can be aware of this and can structure his life cosmically, as opposed to earthly, which - compared to the way of life of a supposed human being eking out a miserable existence as a petty bourgeois - is even lower than the life of a worm.

With adults, this is less shocking to me, because their cosmic potential is not as obvious anymore; you can clearly tell that they have put up with everything that is accessible to them, just like animals.

Just imagine you were to wake up one morning, step out of the house and suddenly notice that all people were moving about by crawling on their bellies - but they wouldn’t see this as a burden, as a bothersome imperfection, as some kind of hindrance. Rather they viewed this crawling on all fours as the most natural and given thing in the world - as if it had never been different, as if it couldn’t be any different and therefore also would never be different and even that it was never meant to be different!

Those who are able to imagine themselves as the one stepping out of this house may perhaps understand or at least sense what I mean when I say that I am frequently shocked when I see healthy, beautiful young people who have no idea they are cosmic, they are born to live a cosmic life and they still express this through their youthfulness and beauty.

This vision of an almost perverse life of modern man compared to his cosmic potential turns macabre when I experience how allegedly great thinkers of our time, high-ranking academics and professors at eminent universities throw themselves like beasts into perfecting this small-minded life of the earthly attitude of the petty bourgeois, marketing it for material gains under the protection of a greedy economy and thereby distinguishing themselves.
Thus the world comes to look the way it does today, and by world I mean the world fashioned by mankind’s mind and hand.

Witness the presumably learned professor of a famous university oriented towards natural sciences argue in earnest with an equally famous university’s humanist who was hoisted to his honourable position by the church about whether God exists or not, about whether Darwin was right about his theory of evolution, or about sundry topics.
The atheist among them skilfully includes UFOs and wonders - following the recommendation of his great albeit handicapped role model Hawking - if it were not better, for security reasons, to get ready to move the human race to other planets.

Meanwhile, the seemingly most liberal among the scientists at our modern universities are eagerly trying to explain to people that, according to the present state of modern science, this world does not even exist, that it has been proved to be nothing but an illusion - as if they understood what they are talking about.

But all of them, from the young people on the streets and in the cafes and the great scientific scholars to all those who, like clucking hens, hatch out their earthly world formulas, they all have one thing in common: they squint into the world through the eyes of the petty bourgeois, because none of them can understand that they have been designed in a cosmic manner by nature.

The learned professor at the university distinguishes himself from the simple adolescent on the street basically by the mere fact that he earns more money, has a life insurance and pension funds, his health insurance is more comprehensive, he is more skilled in chattering cleverly and knowing when to put on a more clever face for the media, and, as far as cosmic matters are concerned - and according to their present state of science everything and every individual detail is nothing but cosmic – the fact that he does not know what he is talking about, that he himself does not understand what he is saying.

There were and are a few geniuses in science who, as they have stated themselves, have advanced to some insights through a “leap in consciousness” or through a sudden “revelation”, which they then have published.

It is, however, common practice among the almost countless colleagues – swallowed up as they are by their need for academic or scientific validation - of these few scholarly geniuses to merely disseminate among their students the colorless ashes from the bonfires of those few “great ones” by making use of the sensationalist media to create unbelieving amazement in their students - but not infrequently they disseminate these ashes also media-effectively among the simple-minded masses worldwide. These scholars of the nth degree of copying and, accordingly, of insight ought to, while publicly developing complicated formulas, remember what Einstein had told them:

“He who cannot explain it to a 6 years old child,
has not understood it himself.”
Albert Einstein

And the famous father of the theory or relativity said a second, extremely important thing:

Albert Einstein

And he said a third thing, no less important:

Albert Einstein

For those who have practical experience with it, intuition is the natural golden magic key of revelation and leads to true, real authentic knowledge about what is “played” behind the scenes - also in creation.
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