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Musical Insight into the
Culture of Peoples

Conclusions from the Understanding and the Presentation of the Musical Sound-Space

In regard to this insight, the music of different peoples no longer appears as the expression of the separation of entirely different cultures, but rather as an expression of the degree of subtlety in which the natural spectrum of overtones is perceived. And this, in turn, results in different cultures having different methods of presenting the musical sound-space.

Musical Degree of Order and General Human Evolution

Therefore the music of different cultures with their different levels of development shows different perception of the degree of order of human evolution, which again is differently expressed in music.

From this one can conclude that the music of different peoples, or of the same people at different times or at different places, is not different because of an imaginary difference of cultures, but because different levels of human evolution have been reached, and have been expressed in their music.

Musical Order and Cultural Order

From this music-theoretical analysis we may further conclude that, as far as musical order is concerned, different cultures do not really exist. There are only higher and lower levels of human evolution which express themselves in varying degrees of musical order.