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Musical Sovereignty in the
Inner-Tonal Planetary Systems

The Polyrhythmic Structure of the Overtones

The artistic mastery over the mechanics of overtones in the inner-tonal planetary system lies in mastering the rhythmical appearance of the individual overtones in an integrated manner.

Increasing the Listener’s Awareness of Space and Time

With the dynamic and rhythmical control over the spectra of overtones, the musician can immeasurably increase the listener’s awareness of space and time.

Creative Mastery over the Sound Spectrum

In the overtone-mechanics, the spatial distance between the successively appearing overtones, as well as the time flow of each individual overtone, is governed by the logic of the composition. Through this creative mastery over the inner dynamics of the spectrum of overtones the sound is systematically enlivened from within.

Musical Exertion of Power beyond Space and Time

Through this integrated, dynamic control of the differentiated appearance of individual overtones of a sound – in a world of different timescales, and towards true simultaneity, towards a reality beyond space and time – the compositional logic organizes, by means of the overtone-mechanics, the multiple structure of the space-time relationship from mortality to immortality.

Meaning and Purpose of the Artistic Control over the Instrument

On the level of the musical sound-space the sound creator demonstrates to the listener the mental control over space and time.

Even in this outer shell of the actual music, the classical musician, with his virtuosity, captures unboundedness and inspires us music lovers towards inner mental-spiritual freedom.

Timelessness in the Infinity of the Musical Sound-Space

The integrated control over the overtone-mechanics, the inner structure of the “tone”, enables a fusion of time and space on the level of consciousness, and thereby generates a state of balance and timelessness in the infinity of our musical imagination.