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Perfection of the Formative Forces
in Music

The Path towards more Powerful Formative Forces in Music

With his understanding, the listener cognizes the “horizontal” systems of order of music.
And with his feeling he grasps the “vertical” musical relations of power.

Therefore, the qualities of feeling and understanding are effective on all levels of music: in the world of the sound-space, in the world of the motif, in the world of the sequence, and in the world of the harmony.

When these two fundamental qualities of the intellect – feeling and understanding – are realized by the musician as efficient and mighty formative forces in music, they finally appear before him in their perfection on the level of harmony.

True Enlivenment of the Physical-Acoustic Space

The musical sound-space, the world of the inner-musical mental imagination, is equally enlivened by the feeling and by the understanding.

And the art of portraying the cosmic reality of life lies particularly in radiating this life, this lively multiplicity, even into the physical-acoustic space and to enliven it so that the listener comprehends life itself as his own threefold human-cosmic food of knowledge:
  1. as a soothing, warming strengthening of his feeling,
  2. as a refreshing, cooling clarification of his understanding, and
  3. as the fulfilling realization of his own inner universal nature, of his inner cosmic power and inner beauty, through the lively, mutual permeation of the qualities of his feeling and understanding.