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System of Creativity

Synthesis of the Meaning

However, we find yet another kind of superficial deduction, namely the deduction of a surface from the content, and this refers to the creative process as it extends from the absolute force-field of the harmony through the sequence-spaces and the motif-spaces into the musical sound-space.

The Structure of the Creative Process

In this case, the content – the infinitely condensed, universal multiplicity of the harmony – is systematically made grosser by us, and in the course of this “creating” it appears as the musical creation of a composer or as the creation of a scientific theory or as the statement of a prophet.

Synthesis and Analysis in Superficial Deduction

These two described kinds of superficial deduction correspond either to a deduction from our standpoint as cognizers, or to a deduction from our standpoint as creators.

In their complete dissimilarity of their deduction they are very naturally rooted in the dissimilarity of our states of knowledge.