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In the Realm of Experience of the Composer

On the absolute musical level of the harmony we make the experience of the composer: we experience the infinite flow of perfect music beyond space and time.

Powerlessness of the Limited Musical Forces

If this perfect musical experience is permanently open to us, then the limited relative musical experiences are not able to lure us out of this so completely fulfilling state of experience of the pure musical world of the harmony.

Freedom of the Creative Music Listener

Due to our standpoint of perfect musical experience in the absolute musical force-field of the harmony we are quite indifferent to the relative musical happening.

No longer we use our relative musical creation for our own innermost fulfillment, but only for the purpose of leading our inner-human forces, but also our neurophysiology, into the infinite musical world of the harmony which now permanently reveals itself to us on the level of our self.

Patience with the Musical Limits

As a result of this permanent perfect experience on the level of our self, a quality grows within us which we commonly call “patience,” a patience towards the relative process of gaining cognition.

Because, seen from the state of our supreme fulfillment, our gradual progression from small fulfillments to greater and higher fulfillments leads always and only to our complete fullness of the universal world of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, or of the Creator or of Almighty Nature respectively.

The Personal Experience beyond Space and Time

Once we are anchored in the unlimited field of the harmony laws, patience towards the relative, limited events in the outer force-fields of our inner-human cosmic forces is the most natural thing in the world for us.

For, in our personal experience, we live in our self – in the universal world of the harmony laws of the Creator, and of Almighty Nature respectively – beyond space and time.

Impatience, therefore, does not exist for us – cannot exist – since impatience could appear only within spatial and temporal limitations, but never in the unlimited field of our universal life and experience in the field of the harmony laws of the Creator, and of Almighty Nature respectively, – beyond space and time.