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The Art of Not Being Bound

The Free, Independent, Universal World of the Harmony

After having advanced into the infinite force-field of the universal harmony laws by perceiving the absolute sound-substance, we recognize this absolute world of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, or of the Creator or of Almighty Nature respectively, as not at all bound to the relative process of cognising and creating.

On the other hand, we identify the process of relative development as being bound to the absolute force-field of the harmony laws.

At the same time, however, we see ourselves free from the outer limited spheres of experience of our thinking and acting.

Cosmic Freedom from Limited Experience

This cosmic freedom we now preserve ourselves through our continuous, clear perception of the absolute sound-substance.

And in our tools of cognition – on the level of our pure self-awareness, in the field of our intellect, in feeling and understanding, in the sound-substance of our mind, in our sense of hearing, and moreover, even in our neurophysiology – we sustain this perfect perception in a sixfold manner.