Liä Dsi
Liä Dsi narrates, how a man asked Konfucius, whether he would be a saint. Konfucius refused:
“I am only well-versed in learning and have a lot of knowledge.”

And the man asked, whether the three mystical kings would have been the Three Illustrious Saints. Konfucius said,
he would not know.

“Well, who then is a saint?”

Konfucius answered:
“Amongst the people of the Western region, there is obviously a saint. He does not put anything in order, and yet nothing is confused; he does not talk anything, and everybody knows from alone; he improves nothing, and everything goes from alone. 15.-21.
Inconceivable is he!
4. 11. 18.-21.
And the people do not find a name for him. I presume,
he is probably holy ... .”

Liä Dsi
One assumes, that Lao Tse was meant
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