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Dear Visitor!
For ascending this information path
you have to become a MEMBER of the

Up to here you were able to get an idea about the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG – without participating in financing it in any way.
There are, of course, also quite some links still in the open part of the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG – on the so-called horizontal level – which you can use to further inform yourself about the goals and visions of this Academy of the Future.

However, for a further vertical progression the membership is required – be it as an ordinary member of the studies or, for instance, also being a member with interdisciplinary communicative membership, that membership which is taken advantage of most.
The strongest limitation of information regarding an authentic insight into the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG and into its cosmic curriculum of the higher states of consciousness you find of course in the field of the studies.
And once you have read thoughtfully and diligently through the introduction this should be reasonable for you; after all, the study aims at universal knowledge and in consequence at a life in intellectual-emotional freedom – and in particular, in a scientific manner, it aims at that what happens on the level of the self, behind that great cosmic curtain of creation.

One has to bear in mind that throughout human history, in all highly advanced civilisations and cultures, the entire program of cosmic education was considered to be a secret science, not accessible to everyone and often only to those few who proved to be worthy of this knowledge.

As explained in the introduction, it is nature herself who already provides the greatest obstacles here, because for reaching the higher states of consciousness she demands from the participant in the studies an absolute development of character and the ever clearer and firmer will to give natural human dignity the first and highest place in his personal development.
Regarding the higher states of consciousness the person who is interested in them out of mere curiosity will meet the strongest resistances here right from the beginning: to the one who is caught up in the first three states of consciousness, nature refuses entrance already even to the fourth state of consciousness – of 21 possible – as we have investigated this in the Introduction.

Nature has designed the mechanism of inner-human evolution in such a way that even the faintest intellectual-emotional trace of greed – and be it only the greed for something new or something different – blocks already the first step of development to cosmic consciousness, to the fourth state of consciousness.

For the one who has read the Introduction very carefully this will certainly have become clear.

That is, on the way to the higher states of consciousness it becomes very clear that nature uses her laws of harmony not only for determining the course of the stars – as Johannes Kepler was able to prove this with his famous laws of the planets –, or for determining biological growth – as the well known medical doctor Gunther Hildebrandt, one of the fathers of chrono–medicine, was able to prove this –, but particularly also, and to a much higher degree, for determining the inner-human, cosmic evolution – as was proven by the many scientific investigations in the context of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

This the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG , or the Academy of the Future, had and has to take into account particularly.
But it will facilitate the work of the university and its success considerably, when it coordinates its own procedures of selection with the selection procedures of nature.

To provide this “facilitation’ is, next to other considerations, the purpose of the different forms of membership at the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG .

Thus the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG , as a man-made institution of cosmic character with the clear goal of gaining universal knowledge, tries to take the high criteria of the potential of cosmic evolution into account for every single person interested in the studies – those criteria which are naturally given to man by virtue of his birth.

At a first glance it may look as if regarding the communicative membership the thought would prevail that a person with more money would be a principally better member, or even a better person, at the same time.
To contradict this, for this it needs no higher states of consciousness – for this the first three states of consciousness are completely sufficient.

But without doubt a person willing to invest money in the development of higher states of consciousness opens by this also always the door to cosmic evolution and thus to human dignity.

But that such material investment in a membership at the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG at the same time cannot be the key to the higher states of consciousness – this should have become clear from the careful study of the introduction.

Nevertheless, it is without doubt a big difference whether a person spends his money for buying a new car or for a so-called “world–trip’, or whether he invests it in the authentic answer to the essential questions of his innermost cosmic being – in the extreme case in his immortality. Here, however, not the physical immortality is meant but the immortality on the level of his consciousness.

The more mature, thinking person is not so much interested that his body can not decay but that in the case of his death he maintains his self-consciousness: that he enters with an open inner eye into a new phase of his inner-human, cosmic existence: that on the level of consciousness the physical death is only the opening of a new door through which he heads for new aims, with a clear view of cognition – for that, however, he has to develop his self consciousness and the ability to successfully deal with his inner cosmic creative and cognitive organs.

To whom the journey into nothingness, into the unconsciousness of deep sleep is enough – in the way the first three states of consciousness are able to guarantee this his future –, he does not need a study at the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG ; for him already dealing with it is a waste of time.
He carries his future of unconsciousness already with him every day, and it will also be the last thing he will come across in his life – as it also was the first thing when he came into the world and before he thought his first thought and opened his eyes for the first time.

For the interdisciplinary communicative member who still has to make the practical step of entering the studies and who first wants to inform himself in detail – the one more, the other less – for him the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG has established different kinds of membership according to the degree, or standard, of his informational need and in regard to his own material contribution.
In general these memberships are – regarding the membership fee – fixed at a sufficiently high level to keep any simply curious, superficial person away from a membership – except those, of course, who hardly do without such a membership due to their professional activity: the presidents/chancellors/rectors as well as deans and professors of the conventional universities, the education experts as well as those media which earn money from the curiosity of their clients.

The DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG , or the Academy of the Future, concentrates on supporting the higher states of consciousness and thus: natural human dignity. This then also includes that the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG , or the Academy of the Future, tries to protect itself and its members against all emotionally low-spirited exertions of influence from outside.

When it turns out that someone becomes, or has become, a member only for carrying the first three states of consciousness and thus ignorance, or lack of dignity, into the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG – that is, into the Academy of the Future – and to glorify them there in public, then he has to reckon on the termination of his membership without having the right to receive an explanation or without being entitled to getting the membership fees back he has paid so far – as this has been already explained elsewhere in the constitution of the where membership is concerned.

That is to say, a member who in the forums, meetings/events or in any other way becomes active to divert the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG ’s / Academy of the Future’s concentration from the higher states of consciousness and to draw it back to the low-spirited level of the first three limited states of consciousness has to be prepared to be excluded from membership.
After some careful consideration he/she can then apply for a new membership and can also give some explanations here, on the basis of which the DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER BILDUNG will see whether it gives him/her already a new chance as a member.


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